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December retail sales were down…

Or were they….?

Yep, the stats are in for the 2006 holiday season and sales were down, despite early season stats that showed a positive start to the season’s sales.

WalMart reported their holiday season sales were “the worst on record”. What they really mean is that their holiday “same store sales INCREASE” was the worst ever. For them, that wasnt surprising given that “same store sales” numbers fell in November for the first time in TEN years. It isnt just Wally World. All major retailers except for JC Penney reported sales below their Christmas season expectations and reported having to do major discounting. JCP was about .4% above their expectations.

The next time you feel sorry for yourself or your business because of those “awful big box stores”, remember that they dont have the mystery solved. They have a weakness you’ll probably NEVER have.

Actually, they have several:

#1 – BILLIONS in overhead.

#2 – They dont know who their clients are. If they had to contact every single one of their customers for some important reason – THEY COULDNT DO IT.

You, on the other hand, if you’ve been listening…. dont have those two problems.

Think about how you can take advantage of that using the direct response marketing techniques that we talk about.

Stop worrying about Walmart. Start worrying about what your customers want (note that I didnt say “need”).

And remember, the world isnt as bad as Katie would have you think. Really.