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Introduce yourself to the elephant

Not long ago, I was helping some friends make a major decision in their business.

Deep down inside, I suspect they might have already made the decision (or were confident of the eventual outcome).

The process of opening up and making the decision publicly with the help of their friends, colleagues and clients would end up cementing the decision as not only the right one – but the only one they really ever had.

Once the decision was made, it seemed to spawn an even bigger one (and perhaps, a collection of others).

But really – it didn’t spawn any decisions, and that’s what I shared in my comment on the page linked above.

When the direction-changing decision is made, you should know that you’ve made a bunch of others as well.

For example, when you start a new business, you don’t have to decide to get internet and electricity. Those “non-decisions” are part of the process. You’ve made those decisions by virtue of deciding to start a business. When you decide to get married, that makes a lot of other decisions as well.

Now you just have to act.

The Obstacle

The real decision is the one you might not have even made: the one to push past that big obstacle that the original decision confronts you with.

What you have to figure out is what the obstacle really is. What’s making you cringe a little? What’s the thing you’ll blame that last decision on?

The money? The difficulty? The people?

Probably isn’t any of those. It’s probably just a little bit of hesitance in facing the elephant (obstacle) standing behind you / looming over you.

You can only ignore it for so long.

Go ahead. Introduce yourself to the elephant.