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We sell a commodity. There’s no way to differentiate it.

Don’t even think about trying that line on The Cactus Cuties.

If you live outside of the US, this song’s rendition might not seem like a big deal – particularly if you’ve only heard it at big sports events or on TV.

If you live in the US, you’ve heard the song thousands of times – some amazing, some not so amazing, and some where you just hoped time would go a little faster for the poor singer.

It’s a commodity.

Everyone in the U.S. has attempted it at one time or another, even if they were in a crowd at a ballgame where no one else could hear it. Almost everyone in the U.S. knows the words.

Who could possibly differentiate it? Five little girls, that’s who.

You’ve likely never heard it like this:

Tell me again about that “commodity” you sell that can’t be differentiated…

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