China Competition Retail Sales

Differentiating, educating and hammering

Ian over at Musings from a Catholic Bookstore did a great job of hammering the Chinese last week, in his post “Got to love the Chinese Government“.

Interesting thing was, it was a brilliant way of hammering on the Chinese while differentiating his store and educating his client̬le Рand it all happened in one post.

The brilliant, and perhaps unintended, function of that post was to send a message to all of his clients and prospects that they need to be ever vigilant in their selection of stores where they might obtain Catholic goods and services – because some Catholic suppliers apparently say that their Chinese suppliers are “OK”.

Imagine what might happen the next time one of his readers ventures into their favorite Catholic store. Now they have another reason to ask if the store gets any goods from China, which will generate questions of the supplier in some cases. The supplier may or may not second guess their next buy. The store might as well.

A nice, slow rolling impact.