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I know every piece of wood that goes into this house

The other day I was listening to a podcast of a NPR business story about a contractor who is keeping busy during a time when most in the construction industry are struggling to find work – much less stay busy.

Bottom line, he was talking about how he gets all this business: basically it was simply by doing the things you’d expect the contractor to do when building their own home.

One of the comments he made was that “I know every piece of wood that goes into this house”, meaning that he personally inspects all the materials that his crew uses to build or renovate a client’s home.

If you’ve ever built a home or renovated one, you know that’s not typical.

It’s easy to be the contractor who calls the subs and stops in once in a while. It’s not easy to be the contractor who keeps their own crew and personally inspects the materials and the work for quality and craftsmanship. Guess which one will stay busy…

Whether you’re a contractor, an attorney, a septic tank pumper or a programmer, if you do the stuff that others won’t do, you’ll get the jobs that others can’t get.