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Do it yourself CPSIA Press Release

Tonight I wrote a press release for use with my local media, so please feel free to use it as is or with your own contact/business information so that your local media can get a feel for the local impact of the CPSIA in your area.

You can get the CPSIA press release here (pdf).

Constructive criticism is welcome, as is posting your version as a comment.

3 replies on “Do it yourself CPSIA Press Release”

I sent out your press release locally here in North Texas – Dallas. I hope one or all of the newspeople do an article about it. Thank you for your effort and thought in writing it. I did change it to pertain to local Texans and put my local company as a contact and you as well. I changed a little bit, to make it more personal to me – plus I just felt I must. Thanks again and hopefully the news will call you for a comment.
Jane Moser


Im glad to hear that you personalized it for you as well as for North Texas – that’s exactly what I wanted people to do:) Thanks for letting me know it was of value to you.

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