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Do you care THIS MUCH about your customers?

Show me. Post a comment and tell me of acts that you’ve experienced (or given someone else) that are even remotely like the one described below. Imagine if you thought about them just a little tiny bit more than you do now.

How many pairs of shoes do you think the two small acts described in this post are going to sell over time?

How many clients will they get, simply because they were …. thoughtful?

If you’re the small shoe shop in town, I’m sure you’ve wondered how can you compete with this “big impersonal internet shoe company with no overhead and low prices”. (See, I knew you were thinking “Wal-Mart for shoes”)

They don’t sound so big and impersonal now, do they? See, behind that website, there are entrepreneurs. People. They have parents too.

Maybe it’s time to stop thinking “I’m the only shoe store in town, bring me all the money!” and maybe, just be as nice as they are, or maybe even nicer, since your clients are your neighbors and the internet shoe store never gets the privilege of meeting their clients face to face.

How difficult is that? Costs little or nothing. Pays off big time.

Do people talk about you and your store like this?

It starts with good people, but without the right management in place to train and set the example and let people know they have the latitude to be thoughtful, this kind of stuff won’t happen.

Make it happen. Be like Or better.