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Do you have (or provoke) Decision Clarity?

Yesterday, I was talking with someone about a ToDo management tool and they mentioned that they dismissed it because it claimed to be “design-y”.

Later that day, someone else mentioned that they didn’t consider a Getting Things Done (Yes, the David Allen thing) software product because “the name was silly”.

These built-in biases don’t do you any favors.

Have you considered that they keep you from considering the best candidate for a job? The best product or service for a need?

How have you built biases into your products/services?

How do the built-in biases of your clients and prospects put them off re: your products and services?

Might be worth considering.

2 replies on “Do you have (or provoke) Decision Clarity?”

To me the question is always about, “How can I understand my client / customer well enough to be able to use language they will understand, and to ask them questions that will lead them to their own discovery of how to succeed?”

As you so often note, it is far more valuable for people to have their own “aha” than for me to sell them / lecture them. Their “aha” will last forever. My sales pitch will last until they leave in frustration and go somewhere else to buy (or are worn down, give in, make the purchase and never want to see me again after the sale…)

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