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Do you know what you’re missing?

On NPR not long ago, the Postmaster General spoke about the US Postal Service’s financial situation.

At the close of the interview, the Postmaster made a point of saying that he doesn’t pay any bills online, noting that it wouldn’t be right for him to do so. I suspect he probably feels that it wouldn’t be right if he used FedEx or UPS.

In fact, the truth is just the opposite.

Using these services would help him understand his competition’s offerings from a consumer perspective, and see where his agency is lacking, both in service and in their offerings.

If you aren’t at least familiar with the customer experience of a product/service that is taking you to the cleaners, you’re unlikely to understand what the attraction is much less the weaknesses and potential new opportunity ideas they might give you.

Even if you plan to stick with your current product, it will help you see new competitive angles, perhaps even new markets.

You aren’t likely to find all innovation within yourself. You also won’t find it all by studying your competition’s offerings, but it is worth the time to study the things customers have left you for – if you expect to get your mojo back.