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Do you respond to customers or do you help them?

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Some of you are probably aware that I have a persnickety thing about customer service.

In today’s guest post, the folks at 37 Signals have taken a very realistic example and turned it into a great teaching opportunity: How to help someone even if the answer might not be what they wanted, vs. responding/reacting to a question with the lower common denominator of factual company policy.

Isn’t a transformation from “just another danged phone call” to a “hey, we got a new customer” *exactly* what you’re looking for?

Take it in. Inhale it and infect your customer service folks with this kind of attitude.

3 replies on “Do you respond to customers or do you help them?”

Bingo! That is something I can and do use every day. Which communication do I want my customers to get? Extend that thought, what about a vendor I need something from?

Remember, it not always about customer relations! Vendors are just as important. If my vendors are happy, I’m more likely to get “special treatment”. And if I get special treatment, I’m likely to stay on as a customer.

Its always a two-way street.

great post,
I think that 37 signals are a cool company.
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