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Do you scale?

Here They Are!! Part 3 (Come over!!!)

We humans don’t scale well.

We have to automate or delegate, either to another staffer, an assistant (virtual or otherwise), a contractor or whatever – or just not get some things done (which is OK, depending on the thing).

No matter how much effort you put into scheduling your time, managing your time, protecting yourself from interruptions, automating what can be automated and perhaps most importantly, eliminating what Dan Kennedy calls (among other things) “time thieves” from your life/work day, you will eventually reach a point where you can’t get more done.

Sometimes though, we don’t need to scale. Instead, we need to refine what we deliver.

Kennedy has something he calls a “ladder of ascension”, which is a fancy name for having products that are appropriate for many budgets and needs.

You can buy a $10 book from Dan or you can spend $20000 to have a dedicated day to meet him at his house and work on your business. As you might expect, there are steps (rungs of the ladder) in between.

The ladder

Most people who do what I do offer the same sort of ladder. For some people, a book or video (or even a blog) is enough. For others, coaching on a monthly basis. Still others request dedicated efforts ranging from a day to weeks/months.

Your time and resources limit how many of the last type you can handle, much less your attention to the other rungs of your product/service ladder.

The question to ask yourself is simple: Is your ladder missing any rungs?

Whether you run a retail store, a restaurant, a public relations firm or a mower repair shop, it’s important.

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