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Does your job suck? Is it boring? Is it creating value?

Creative Commons License photo credit: riot jane

First, I’ll ask from an employee perspective.

If you’re the employee, I hope your answers are No, No and Yes, respectively.

If they aren’t, exactly how long do you have before someone figures out that your job can go away? What can you do about it before someone does something about it for you – and it isn’t the action you want them to take?

If you are the employer, ask your people.

For that matter, if you have people in jobs that result in “No, No, Yes” answers, are there ways to make the jobs not suck? Not boring?

Use them, don’t lose (or waste) them

Is there a way that those folks could be creating more value and thus generating profit instead of being an expense? If they aren’t creating value in some way, what exactly are they doing and how far are you from laying them off?

Wouldn’t it be better to use them more productively, making them more valuable to your business vs. letting them go and wasting all the time and money you invested in training them?

You DID train them didn’t you? Even if it was just to your way of doing things…

Pass the Calgon

Business owners should be asking themselves the same questions on a regular basis about the products and services they provide to their clients, much less what each of their staff members bring to the table.

You can also add “How are we taking away the pain?” Are you doing that too?

Remember those old Calgon bath oil bead commercials? “Calgon, take me away…”

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