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Don’t Quit: David 2, Goliath 0.

Everyone supposedly roots for the underdog. This weekend, there was a lot of underdog action going on.

On Friday, the unranked Razorbacks surprised #1 ranked LSU 50-48 in Baton Rouge’s “Death Valley”. It was the first home loss for LSU in 19 games on a field notorious for dropping opponents with a lethal combination of humidity, heat, and the loudest fans in the country. The game brought back fond memories of an unranked early 1980’s Arkansas team hosting the then #1 ranked Texas Longhorns, who left Fayetteville that evening without their #1 ranking thanks to a 42-11 spanking the Hogs gave them.

In Saturday’s NCAA Subdivision playoffs, Wofford (1400 students) defeated the Grizzlies of the University of Montana (14000 students), 23-22. Wofford, a tiny school from the warm climes of South Carolina ran an unusual “give the ball to anyone” option offense in 20 degree Montana weather and kept the Griz defense on its heels much of the game.

All of this reminded me of a clip I saw last April about a kid with an attitude named Brock and a wicked football drill called “The Death Crawl”. When I first saw the Brock clip, I didn’t know it was from a movie, I thought it was just a motivational clip from a video production company.

Turns out it was from the Feb 2007 movie, Facing the Giants.  The movie as a whole sometimes gets a little high on the sappy-meter, but it’s worth watching. I think it struck a chord with my wife and I because of our early struggles to have kids, while the football theme and the business lesson also kept it interesting for myself and my youngest son, the Apprentice fan.

In the context of the scene’s location in the movie plot, the scene is even better. For now, this 6 minute clip taken out of context will have to satisfy you.

After my son leaves for Missoula (he’s in the Griz marching band) to end his Thanksgiving break a little early, we watch the movie (it’s on Starz Family). It’s the night before the Griz-Wofford game, and as the movie plays out Im thinking “just like Wofford”.

I’m guessing the only people on the field who thought that Wofford had a chance to beat Montana in 20 degree weather on Montana’s home field was…Wofford’s coaches and players. They didn’t quit.

It’s no different with you and that franchise or that big box store. Whether it’s Starbucks or WalMart or Pizza Hut or whatever, one of the best weapons in your arsenal is being the only one who thinks you’ve got a chance to win. To you, it’s personal.