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Elected Official Exceeds Expectations. What’s next?

Yesterday, I sent an email to Montana’s US Representative (Denny Rehberg) and our 2 Senators (Max Baucus and Jon Tester).

My email was a little snappy in parts, partly because my appreciation for elected officials has been mostly non-existent for some time, and partly because the last time I wrote one of them (Rehberg), it took SEVEN months to get a reply and the reply was so vague that after 7 months, I had no idea what I had even asked.

Nothing like setting an expectation of great customer service, eh?

Of course, I mentioned the 7 month thing in my email in hopes that it would provoke a more prompt reply. Never expected it to work. I mean, we are talking “public servants” here, right?

To my surprise, I got a reply from Senator Tester this afternoon. Not a form letter, in fact, most of it was in “real English” as opposed to homogenized politico-speak. Maybe it was from a staffer, maybe not. Regardless, it was 6 months and 30 days faster than the last one and actually spoke to the issue. Worthy of note.

Were I not quite so cynical (governmentally speaking), I’d have heightened expectations for a prompt response the next time I email them…but I don’t. On the other hand, if I was dealing with a change like this from a business, my expectations would most definitely be higher the next time.

Whose expectations are you exceeding? Whose expectations are gone? You need to be working on both, steadily, ALL the time.

Thats what the slight edge is all about. It’s the thing so few businesses do. Do it, and one day your competition is going to wake up and wonder where they were while you doubled the size of your biz, your fleet of trucks, your number of locations, or number of customers.

One little thing, daily or at least, weekly, that makes you one step better. Better than your competition, better than you were. Drip, drip, drip just like water on granite.

Next thing you know, you’re the Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan of your industry, or of your industry in your area.

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FYI – Baucus’ reply came on May 16. At least it was written such that it was clear that someone had read my comments.

As of 5/28/2007, more than 2 months later – still no reply from Rehberg.

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