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How does your entrepreneurial garden grow?

Stairway to Heaven
Creative Commons License photo credit: RonAlmog

Today’s guest post from Jim Rohn arrives courtesy of Nightingale-Conant.

Once again, a page of essential insight from always-on Mr. Rohn.

What have you done today to improve yourself?

Is investment in yourself part of your daily todo list?


2 replies on “How does your entrepreneurial garden grow?”

I think the best point Jim made in the article over at nightingale is to never quit and do all you can do to accomplish what you want. He gave some great advice for cultivating an enterprising nature, which is important if you want to overcome obstacles in your life. Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot.

Thanks Jim 😉

Investing in yourself definitely yields the highest rate of return, it’s funny how many people stop learning and investing in themselves after they leave high school or college and just get a job.

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