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Entrepreneurs: Are you fried? Maybe this is why.

timer.jpgI was scouring around the net the other night and stumbled across this post by Jonathan Fields.

When I’m not operating strictly by the Outlook calendar, you can quite often paint the letters CNF on my forehead.

I combat CNF by using Outlook appointments as ToDos. Rather than having a list a mile long, I prioritize the todos, pitch the garbage and SCHEDULE the todos into the days on my calendar.

One guy told me recently that when he *has* to get stuff done, he’ll even schedule the bathroom breaks in his day. And hold it till the time comes.

Something I learned accidentally from KenMcCarthy was to use a $5 kitchen timer. You know, the one that goes up to an hour, almost… Low-tech, but it makes you deadly aware of your time because every 55 minutes, it goes off with a jaw-chattering DING.

No matter what you and your laptop are doing, the DING is coming. Some days, it is AMAZING how fast those dings come.

It doesn’t take long for repeated snoozes of Outlook ToDo appointments and a chorus of DINGs to motivate you to focus.

Best of all, you’ll get stuff done, hopefully without being fried.

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