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Even the little guy needs to be dotting I’s and crossing T’s.

Yesterday, a mountain climber friend who happens to take photos (every now and then) sent me a story about a photography-related lawsuit.

As an occasional photographer, it’s surely interesting on a personal basis.

As someone who (in another life) used to count a thousand or so photography studios as clients, it reminds of old times with clients who had to pay close attention to such things.

As someone who advises business owners on competitive matters, I’ve posted “a few times” about paying attention to the little things. You might have noticed:) Usually, this is in the context of being competitive and doing what others won’t do because they are lazy, incompetent or simply aren’t thinking like a customer.

Sometimes, these little grind-it-out things that you don’t want to do, but need to do, are a big serving of CYA that you come to appreciate long after the 2 minutes of grunt work is over and done.

Like this one:

It would have been EASY to blow off getting that model  release. It’s just a signature for yet another old shot of a little girl. Who cares? Why bother the mom with it?  It would have been EASY to not keep the releases on file.  Or to purge them at the end of the month, quarter, year, whatever.

But he didn’t.

And before long, a global corporation (or at least, some small part of it) appreciated that someone pays attention to details.  Not to mention, his insurance company likely appreciates it. Ultimately, I suspect he’s pretty happy he did so as well.