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Execution, Ideas and why “I need a programmer”

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Every programmer, much less anyone who does something that startups need, has had these discussions.

However, that isn’t why it’s today’s guest post.

The thought process from idea to creation. The value of execution.

That’s why it’s a worthwhile read.

2 replies on “Execution, Ideas and why “I need a programmer””

That guest post “I need a programmerâ? was a great read. There are definitely a lot of idea people out there but nobody wants to take the time to learn how to program and execute their idea, and watch it become tangible.

If more people implement their own ideas there would be a lot more successful and happy entrepreneurs in the world. This article does make you realize that you can’t expect nobody else to be enthusiastic about your ideas so don’t depend on anybody else just do it yourself.

It reminds me of the Facebook story when the two brothers go to Mark about the social network idea because they don’t know how to program, and Mark basically takes their idea and implements it himself. If those two brothers would have learned how to program on their own they would have been the owners of Facebook. Thanks for the good read.

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