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Feedback and the Great Client


  • A great client is one who asks tough questions incessantly, almost always in a polite manner.
  • A good client is one who asks tough questions regularly, sometimes politely.
  • A bad customer is one who asks poor questions, regardless of how they ask them.

Tough questions are your friend. TheyĆ¢??re like competitors because they make you better. Or at least, they should.

As for those that aren’t yet great? Your job is to help them achieve it.

3 replies on “Feedback and the Great Client”

I reckon a bad customer is someone who doesn’t ask questions. He struggles with the product (be it PEBKAC, doc shortage, training problem, or a product problem) and then discards it….. but then tells his mates how useless it is.

Exactly, Geoff. Your follow up systems have to consider those customers so that whether they ask or not, feedback still happens where possible. Most importantly, you have to make sure it’s easy for them to interact with you. These “bad” customers are quite often the ones that become your biggest, most verbal fans, but it’s your job to reach out to them.

Thank you for sharing about feedback and customers. I agree that answering tough questions can drive you to being your best. Sometimes, the fun part is in the journey of researching the answer. Part of what my company does is research solutions for customers. Again, thank you for sharing.

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