Fine tune your marketing message with a free “USP Workshop”

Yesterday, I recorded a new USP Workshop. Its a 23 minute audio program to feed your thought process and get you moving down the path to creating a Unique Selling Proposition ( USP ). If you dont have a USP, your marketing probably is wandering off in a dozen different directions, and few of them are focused on the message you want to convey.

Remember Dan’s marketing triangle: Message, Media, Market. Your USP is all about the first M – Message.

I forgot to mention, the USP Workshop is free. You DO have to fill out an opt-in form, which will get you an email about every 4 days with business strategy info in it (and yes, you can opt out at any time, with 1 click), PLUS you’ll get my monthly (free) print newsletter.

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[…] As I noted in the original list, lets walk around your store. Think hard about everything you carry and why. Write em down. Dont pretend you can memorize everything, WRITE IT DOWN. We used this trick in the USP workshop, so lets use it again here. 1 product or service per index card (no, I don’t have stock in the index card industry). If you’re really stubborn, you can use a yellow pad, but I think you’ll regret it eventually. We’re doing this for a number of reasons. We need a list and we need it on a media that allows for brainstorming (the cards). Each card can become your little niche market analysis, ready to study after you get back from the Missoula WalMart SuperCenter research trip. […]

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