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Follow the dots. Or the money.

I lived in AR and TX during those states’ great “comeuppance” with their teachers (AR teacher certification under Gov Bill Clinton and No Pass, No Play in TX, among others).

It’s always interesting to watch the teacher’s unions protest testing and measurement of the skills of their members. But this isn’t a political rant, it’s an observation about the importance of measurement.

You might face some pushback in your business when you start doing these things – but remember whose business it is, and who is responsible for making payroll.

If you feel any responsibility for your employees’ job security (they should too), then you owe it to them to see who isn’t carrying their load and either fix em or get rid of them.

Every employee in the shop knows who the lamers are. Quite often, it annoys them too.

I’ll leave the rest to Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and likewise, today’s guest post. He just happens to use teachers as one of his examples – and an easy to comprehend example at that.

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