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Follow up

Legendary marketer and real estate investor/educator Ron LeGrand tells his students and speaking audiences that 82% of his sales come from the 2nd to the 7th contact with a prospective customer.

Dan Kennedy probably has a similar high-percentage number from his business.  The depth of his follow up probably has different numbers whether the follow up is done by phone, email, direct mail and so on.

The numbers themselves are of little use in the big picture. What really matters is that the follow up actually gets done.

How much business would you have if every lead who contacted you at your last trade show got followed up on with a brief personal email or phone call?

How about if they got a call or a postcard a couple of weeks later if they didn’t respond? The card might even give them a way to tell you that their needs have changed so you don’t have to bother them again.

And if you sent them a silly postcard with a bloodhound on it a week or so later, as if you were sending out the hounds?

Probably more than you got if you didn’t do any of those things.

It isn’t just about sales.

Could be follow up after a service call, an equipment repair or a meal delivery. Remember, every job is a sales job.

Back to that 82%

If LeGrand does a million in annual revenue (trust me, he does a lot more) and his follow-up numbers are right, it’s safe to say that he’d only do somewhere around $180,000 if he never followed up.

Just a little bit of improvement by doing that one thing (and yes, maybe by doing it up to 6 times).

Maybe it’d be different for you. How will you know?

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If he says then surely it works. We think that follow up is rude but if done in a a certain way it gives positive results..
.-= Jerilyn Mckinley´s last blog ..Energy Drinks and Their Types =-.

True indeed. You will not pump up the sales without persistence and a bit of ‘aggression’.
.-= lottiel1´s last blog ..Return On Assets =-.

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