Free help

I provide several ways for business owners to get free strategic business help:

  • Read Business is Personal. First and foremost, read my blog and take action on what you read. You can use the bar at the top of the page to make sure you know any time I post new content.
  • Attend and listen: I speak to groups now and then – much less than I used to. Sometimes, these events are free.
  • Read my Flathead Beacon column, also called Business is Personal, which is a version of the blog that’s (usually) fine tuned for business in Montana’s Flathead Valley.

If you are at a point where free help is your only option, these options are a great start because I focus (mostly) on fundamentals. If you are taking advantage of those resources and taking action, it shouldn’t be long before you never need free help again.

Free one-on-one help?

Time has proven repeatedly that people simply don’t take action on free one-on-one strategic business help, so I don’t do that. You might argue otherwise, but history has repeatedly shown that people take advice they’ve paid for, and rarely take advice they haven’t paid for. There’s plenty of free resources here and elsewhere on the internet to help you fix or grow your business. If free is all you can afford right now, start by using those resources. Establish a habit of taking action and the benefits will come – including the ability to pay for help.