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“GE, We bring old browsers to life”

My wife is paying bills today. She comes into my office and tells me her browser doesn’t have enough encryption for one of the sites she’s using.

The GE page she shows me says that her browser isn’t secure enough. Riiiight.

See, her laptop runs Internet Explorer 7, which comes with 128 bit encryption right out of “the box”.

So I try it on my machine, which also runs IE7. Same error.

Annoyed, I try it on Firefox, which is my laptop’s primary browser.

Same error.

Seriously annoyed, I go downstairs to a test machine that still has Internet Explorer 6 on it – specifically left on IE6 so I can test things like this.

It gets past the security check, then does nothing. Just sits there. No spinning e, no movement at all. I try hitting the URL again.


This is the same company who makes jet engines that keep airliners in the air.

The same company that supposedly has a handle on millions of mortgages, auto finance contracts and so on.

Despite that…they have no IE7 support after almost a year, and no Firefox support.

On the bright side, as you can see from these screen shots, they do support “IE 4.0 and higher, Netscape and AOL 4.0”.

And the engine behind all this – one of the largest merchant processors on the planet: First Data.

Errors like the ones seen on this GE site are the kinds of things that kill online stores. A big corporation like GE doesn’t have to care, even though they should.

Big corporations are interesting critters.  Powerful, but not very nimble. Like the elephant.

Your business should be more like the cheetah. A bit less powerful. A lot more nimble.