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Getting more blog traffic: Social Networking

I’ve decided to start a series (“Polishing the blog” is the code name<g>) discussing the steps I’m taking to ramp up the readership on my blog. A lot of people keep this stuff a secret, but a notable number of others don’t keep everything under their hat – and in fact, try to help others get theirs improved. Because categories are important from a search perspective, you won’t see a “Polishing the blog” category (yes, I’m disappointed as well), instead you’ll find these posts in the Web 2.0 or SEO categories, or both.

Since I spend a fair amount of time trying to get small business owners to understand the value of a blog to their business – and actually write a blog of their own, I figured the least I could do is note what I’m doing to my own blog so that the ones who actually do something will have some additional help if they need it.

So here’s what I’ve been up to…

This weekend’s blog polishing effort has been about turning up the social networking heat, mostly. I’ve created pages on Squidoo, Facebook (my sons have to be really thrilled about that) and so on, and have just told Delicious to post to my blog a list of my new Delicious links for the day. This will happen late in the day, once a day. Automatically.

I love automatically. It leaves more time for the important stuff that doesn’t happen automatically:)

So what’s Delicious? (yeah, it’s really but I get tired of typing that) Delicious is one of many “universal bookmark storage places”. The nice thing about it is that if you have the Firefox Delicious extension, you can store a new bookmark there – with tags – in 2 clicks. If you highlight some text before you hit the delicious button, that text (up to 255 chars) is stored as a note with your bookmark. Yes, you can mark a bookmark as “do not share”, so don’t be so paranoid. That black helicopter hovering over your house is nuuuuuuthing to worry about.

A nice benefit of using Delicious for your bookmarks is that you’ll have those bookmarks available to you on any computer you use.

Last but not least, I added some php code to the header of the blog so that the post name is now reflected in the title of the web page. The idea is that the posts will show up better in Google searches (what the geeks call “SERPs”, which is really “search engine result pages”) AND that will in turn prod me to come up with better (from a search perspective) titles to my posts. If you want some easy instructions for how to do this for WordPress (what I use), slide over to Pearsonified. I’ve been reading his blog for some time and finally got off my keester and implemented this change. 1 line of code. Duh.