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Wanted: Smoking hot hotel room in Kansas City Kansas


Of course, I mean a “smokin’ hot internet connection”.

Late last week, I was heading north through western Missouri, I planned to make an overnight stay in the Kansas City area.

Knowing full well (though with a little jealousy) that Kansas City, Kansas was the first winner of the Google Fiber lotto, I thought it would be nice to stay at a hotel in KC hotel that offered Google Fiber.

So I searched for “hotel kansas city kansas google fiber

While there are plenty of search hits about Google Fiber, most were stories about Google Fiber’s choice of KCK and deployment in the area. The only thing that even comes close to a hotel room in the search responses is a story about a “Home4Hackers“, an AirBnB property that offers Google Fiber.

Either there are no hotels in the Kansas City Kansas area that have Google Fiber (a distinct possibility), or the ones that do offer it need to work on their search engine positioning. A simple Google Local entry would have been first in my search, if it existed. Simple. Five minutes work.

What are people searching for when they look for you and don’t find you? Have you asked them when you meet or speak with them?

Finally – be sure you’ve taken care of your local listing on Google and Bing.

2 replies on “Wanted: Smoking hot hotel room in Kansas City Kansas”


You made a HUGE point that far too many businesses just assume, or take for granted. They see their business through “their” eyes and years of familiarity, not through the eyes of one who knows nothing about their products or services.

The process of search marketing and discovering the keyword phrases that people use to find a business is an eye-opening experience for owners. They are always surprised to learn that they define their business differently than do their customers. Once that is recognized, the entire marketing effort gets more focused, and the online piece becomes more important.

When a company learns that xxx-thousand people were searching for their specific products or services, but their website did not offer an adequate presentation of such things, light bulbs go off in every direction.

Good stuff (again).


Thanks Tom. Sometimes it’s the little things, but sometimes – it isn’t. That someone wouldn’t consider Google Fiber an attractive feature of their property would be surprising to me, but it may be that it isn’t available at any of them. It’s tough to prove a negative.

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