Got your Super Bowl marketing going yet?

I know, I know. Your business has nothing to do with football. Who cares. Take advantage of the buzz. If you are inventive enough, you can get some free PR out of the deal. Be innovative.

If you own a coffee shop, why not get some Bears and Colts stickers and put up a board on the wall. Give away a sticker with each cup of coffee and let people choose the one that they think will win. Have your staff wear Bear or Colt jerseys. Plaster the place in team colors. Paint a staffer’s face or hair Bear blue one day and Colt blue the next. Offer a blue coffee (tea might be easier…) Have the Fridge come do an appearance and be sure to get video and photos of his visit. Its not as expensive to get someone like that as you might think, but you can bet the local media will be all over it.

If you own a pizza shop, you should have a Bear Pie (like McSalty’s in Springfield MO) and a Colt pie, or some other themed pies that people can only get between now and Super Bowl Sunday. Rename your products, or at least your specials, for the next two weeks. IE: A lineman special (large, meat lovers). Same deal with the Fridge as above. Make your pizza sizes change from small, medium or large to safety, linebacker and lineman. These same strategies will work for any restaurant.

If you own a travel agency, why not spotlight the fun packages you have to visit Baltimore (remember, the Colts USED to be there), Indianapolis and Chicago? Include tickets to a home game in the 2007-2008 season.

If you own a car dealership, offer a special deal on blue cars. Maybe free oil changes, or a 100 point inspection, or a detail job, and so on.

If you own a paint store, offer a special on blue paint.

If you own a butcher shop, bear and horsemeat are a little off the beaten path, but you can still use the coffee and pizza shop strategies. You could import some special Chicago pastrami for the next 2 weeks, or give some away to anyone who buys $X during that time.

Have a look alike contest. Anyone who looks like a Bear or Colt player, past or present, gets a free dessert, or some service add-on that costs you little, but makes the person feel appreciated because they received a little treat.

While retailers have an easier time of this, professionals and service providers can also take advantage of it using the same kind of techniques and strategies Ive described above.

Bottom line – make the next 2 weeks special, er I mean Super. Dont be a bore.