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Grow for your customers

Recently, we were talking about making it easy to buy a TV, but this stuff isn’t just about TVs.

Merchandising is both an art and a science.

Big business invests millions studying it and testing what works and what doesn’t. You should pay attention to it as well to the extent that you can.

The goal is still to make it easy to buy.

Is your grocery like every other one that created high-margin convenience stores by putting ALL of your milk at the back of the store?

Sure, that ploy works. If it works that well, why not move the checkout stands to the back of the store? Or make people move through your store like a Disney ride – by exiting through a maze of “Mommmmmmyyyyyy, can I have that?” impulse items?

Or do you keep a small milk chiller near the front of your store like Stew Leonard‘s store does?

These days, even the convenience stores have the milk at the back of the store. While we chase that rabbit, ever wonder why liquor stores don’t carry milk and bread? I suspect some do, I just don’t recall seeing one.

Grow (and think) beyond your needs and wants. Serve your customers like no one else.

5 replies on “Grow for your customers”

Mark – what you’re hitting on is differentiating one’s business. Stew Leonard stands out for a multitude of differentiators like putting their milk at the front of the store. A move like that can leverage what’s already in the customer’s mind: “It’s always a pain in the ass to get the milk… Hey, wait! The milk is right here! Don’t you just love Stew Leonards?!”

Its all about “Customer first”. It’s a bit hard to imagine we’ve come to that as a source of differentiation, but you’re exactly right… Thanks for commenting, John:)

Hi Mark,
I like the idea that we have to grow with our customers in order to grow our businesses and grow our way out of the current economic sluggishness that we find ourselves in.

Feels like we are going back to basics, back to the beginning of marketing…..satisfy a need.


Thats really at the root of it, Adrian. Why your business? Simple question. Not always a clear answer.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Adrian.

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