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3 guarantees that will grow your business

One of the places where you don’t see a lot of creativity in is guarantees. Yet they are one of the least expensive ways to market your products and service.

In a world where it sometimes seems that there are only two guarantees (that death and taxes thing), it’s a great way to stand way out in front of the dont-get-its in your market.

A guarantee serves one purpose to the client: it eliminates the risk that holds a buyer back just before they purchase. The expense of providing an incredible guarantee is extremely cost effective. Yeah, cheap.

Why? Because a small minority of people will use them – and more importantly, if you are really doing your job – they’ll rarely be used.

Your goal: To perform so consistently that your guarantee rarely gets used.

Not getting used is the real focus of a guarantee, but you may not be thinking of the reason why: it’s a great motivator to get your business to reach the levels of performance that you want to attain.

No good customer really wants to use your guarantee. It simply serves to protect them in case your service and products don’t match what you promised. 

So here are 3 guarantee ideas to use as seeds for your new guarantee:

Guarantee #1: For big ticket items (a fridge, furniture, and similar), guarantee that delivery will be on time, within a 1 hour window, or their delivery is free (assuming it isn’t already) plus you’ll buy the customer dinner for 2 at a nice local restaurant as an apology.

Result: Forces you to organize and streamline your delivery scheduling and execution. Tells the customer that they aren’t going to get that “sometime between 8 am and 5 pm on Tuesday” delivery promise.

How you turn it into more than a guarantee: Talk the local restaurant into co-oping the dinner expense. They want customers. They can get 2 dinner customers one time, split the cost of the dinner with you, and if they do things right – they have customers for life. You save a little money, the restaurant gets 2 new customers. Win-win.

Guarantee #2: The big audacious one year money back guarantee on something that no one else guarantees for a year. Yeah, I know. That little guy sitting on the left shoulder. He says they’ll never return it in a year, so what’s the point.

The point is that they can return it for a year, not that they will. It doesn’t matter that 98% of those asking for a refund will do so within 30 days. 

Result: More sales due to less risk. This guarantee is particularly effective on products and services that are normally guaranteed for 30 days but might see the bulk of their return for 60. If you raise yours to 60 days, your competitor would probably follow suit. If you raise it to a year, they’ll think you’re nuts and they’ll never realize what happened

Guarantee #3: Guarantee the intangible thing that no one else will: Peace of mind. “If you don’t feel that our product has made your family/life/business more comfortable, more pleasant, more successful and less hassle-filled, we want it back.” Your wording will probably need to be different than that, but that should  get the idea across.

Result: Forces you to remember what you are really selling. You aren’t selling a will or estate planning, you’re selling peace of mind, knowing your clients’ kids will be . You aren’t selling tax preparation services, you’re selling peace of mind, knowing that the IRS isn’t going to catch you goofing up your return because a real pro prepared it. Remember Michelin and the baby. They aren’t selling tires. They’re selling safety for that family and their baby. The sooner you remember that, the better off your business will be.

I’m curious to hear from you about this: What’s the best guarantee you’ve seen? Why did it motivate you to trust and buy from whoever offered it?

One reply on “3 guarantees that will grow your business”

Wow, another great post, Mark. You continue to hit it out of the park.

Because of the industry I’m in, I appreciate the unconditional money-back guarantee that information products usually offer. If they’re further backed up by someone like PayPal or Clickbank that I also trust, even better. Without that guarantee, it would take a tremendous amount of recommendation for me to be willing to pay for them.

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