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The Reason Why

Ever notice that some businesses have a sale every other week? (or worse, even more often than that)

I guess they think they have to.

They’re the ones who have sales so often that *everyone* seems to wait until the next sale before they buy. Hey, it’s right around the corner, why not?

It starts to look a little cheesy before long. Why is that?

Aside from the “smell of desperation”, people see credibility if given “a reason why” even if the reason is silly.

Otherwise they get the idea you’re having a sale every week because you don’t know what else to do. Once they figure that out, your sale prices *are* your regular prices. Not a good thing.

Find a reason

Why are you having a sale / promotion / event?

  • Because the Saints won.
  • Because the Colts lost.
  • Because Obama won.
  • Because McCain lost.
  • Because I’m a grandpa.
  • Because we had a monster snowstorm.
  • Because it hasn’t snowed in 2 months+.
  • Because Valentine’s Day is approaching and you wanna be a good significant other
  • Because Valentine’s Day is over and you don’t want to keep all this red stuff till next year.
  • Because your kid just scored his first goal.
  • Because your kid’s never scored a goal.
  • To send a message to someone.
  • To thank a certain group of people or an entire community.
  • To educate your customers (ie: “because TED2010 is going on this week, all our natural foods are specially priced”, or whatever)
  • And so on.

But NOT because “I need some cash flow and having a sale is the only way I know how to close sales.”

Reasons are all around you

Legitimate is in the eye of the beholder, so have a little fun with it.

Papa John’s Pizza has a heart-shaped pizza special this week. Not difficult to do, but so far, I’ve seen no other restaurants offering something like this.

Yesterday I received an email from Dan Kennedy’s company that offered a 24.8% discount off any of their information products.

Why 24.8%? Because they got 24.8″ of snow in Baltimore this week. Almost everyone knows about snowpocalypse.

Associating your sale or promotion with stuff like this is easy. Taking an extra step to tie the discount to the event (like the depth of the newly fallen snow) is even better – as long as the discount/promo/sale doesn’t last forever, or come back again with the same reason every other week.

2 replies on “The Reason Why”

In many places they are. In some areas, it used to be common to have “going out of business” sales all the time, but many states have implemented laws that disallow those sales unless you really are going out of business.

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