How Can I Help

My goal is to help small business owners get (and keep) more customers, become more productive and thus, become (more) profitable.

On the way there, you’ll find that I ask troubling questions and deliver much needed clarity.

Every service I offer starts with the Rescue Interview, which is why it’s the only thing on this page. That should tell you something about how important it is.

Terms: All products and services are paid in advance and they are 100% guaranteed. I use Paypal (no, you don’t need a Paypal account) to protect us both from credit card fraud, make it easy for you to pay, and easy for me to refund your money in the rare event that is necessary. Travel expenses are not refundable, of course.

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The Rescue Interview

Sometimes, if not always, painful to fill out, but always a source of inspiration and insight. It pulls the “Why do I do this?” and “What’s really going on with my business?” out of you and rewards that pain with analysis and advice on how to get things straightened out.

The Interview involves completing a questionnaire. Expect that you will be troubled by some of the questions or that can’t answer all of them. This is not unusual.

Once you return the questionnaire to me, I’ll review and respond to point-by-point to everything you said. It’s far from just another fill-in-the-blanks at the doctor’s office. It’s more like a workout, guilt trip and todo list all wrapped together.

Just filling it out is enough to get some business owners pointed in the right direction, but I’ll respond regardless. I think you’ll find it worth ten times the price.

For those of you who I asked to start here before we begin client work, you will soon see how it provides me with a rich foundation and vital reference material for going forward with your project.

Investment: $499    Buy now.

The Rest of the Story

Custom-tailored technology. Operations, marketing and strategic services tend to be very specific to your business needs. We’ll discuss those when you’re ready.