Marketing Positioning Strategy

How do they describe you in one sentence?

Today’s guest post originates from my old stompin’ grounds: Photographers and photography studios.

BUT…I think the concept discussed in this post applies to far more than just photographers.

Every business, and perhaps the business owner whose face is on the business, gets described to others. How that first sentence goes is often indicative of the positioning you have in the community’s mind (the community being “your clientele”).

Alec Soth calls it “the sentence”.

In the context of photographers, it’s the sentence people use to describe what you do. Eg, “She’s a wedding photographer”.

Check out today’s selection, “Your sentence is your message” at Blackstar Rising.

What’s your sentence? What have you done to position your business in the minds of your community / clientele so that the sentence they utter about your business positions it perfectly?