How I Work

Nothing in business excites me more than helping a business owner turn around a failing business. Once you experience your own business turnaround, you’ll be filled with the confidence and experience to solve any business problem that confronts you.

“How I Work” is here to describe how I’ll work with you once you’ve invested in my help.

How I work with you
First off, I work alone with you and staff.

I do not “farm you out” to a contractor and then move on to close the next prospect. It would be serious violation of trust to do something like that, plus it wouldn’t be too smart. Why would I take the time and work hard to establish trust with you, and demonstrate a level of expertise that gives you confidence, only to dump you on someone else you don’t even know? Never. You get me, a trusted advisor. We’ll work together as if we were business partners, because your success is critical to mine.

What’s your product?
Results. Measurable, recurring results.

It might be more clients. It might be retaining more clients. It might be selling more to your clients, more often. It might be improved productivity. While it might be a combination of those, one thing is certain: improved profit. Your bottom line is always the ultimate indicator of the work I do.

All of this will happen in a way that you are completely comfortable with, and I can assure you, if it doesn’t pass my “smell test“, I won’t do it. I’ll never ask you to compromise your principles to make a buck. If you ask me to do so, we’ll shake hands and part company.

Don’t you delegate or automate anything?
Lots of things, actually. Doing this allows me to spend the time with you on your business discussing, strategizing and implementing – things that can’t be automated. In fact, this is one of the areas that we will examine in great detail when we go over your business.

What can be delegated? What can be automated with software? What simply has to be done manually, but can be done by a temporary helper? And most importantly, what should you be focused on above any and all other tasks? The answers to these questions are different for each business, but less so for each business owner.

Delegating takes many forms. For example, I often use SendOutCards to send postcards or note cards. Other times, I will find a group of work-at-home moms who want to make a little extra spending money, and they will fold, address, stamp and all of that. Or they will make phone calls, etc. I will almost always delegate graphic arts tasks to an expert. Certainly there will be some things that I will never delegate, because I bring them to the table.

Depending on the business need, we might setup processes that use email, fax, text messages, voice broadcast, podcasts, blogs, direct mail, catalogs, fliers, seminars, or trade shows. We may use these items alone or in combination with each other, as well as with things I haven’t mentioned. The tools we need to promote your business will become evident as your marketing system is designed, rather than as a random act provoked by the arrival of an advertising salesperson.

One thing that you will notice right off the bat: I don’t choose the tool and then go looking for a problem to solve with it. Together, we’ll identify the problems first, then find the best possible solution for your situation.

How is what I do different from everyone else you’ve tried?
Unlike many coaches, advisors and consultants, I’ve actually felt the pressure of making payroll, managing staff in remote locations and knowing that I had to make this week’s “nut” to pay a bill that had to be paid (much less payroll). I’ve grown a business from $85k to $1MM annually, and I’ve done it in a small rural town, by the seat of my pants, without a million dollar marketing budget.

Because I don’t sell advertising, I will make sure that your marketing system does one thing that no ad salesperson will do: I’ll design something that is measurable, so that you will know without a doubt that it works. You’ll know which techniques and ads work (and which don’t), and in which media they work, so that you can continue to fine tune your marketing efforts.

I’ll create a marketing system specifically for your business. It will be tailored just for your needs, just like a custom suit from Hong Kong or London’s Savile Row.

Once we’ve designed your marketing system, I’ll work side by side with you and your team as we setup and implement each piece of the system. Once you and your team are comfortable with what we’ve done, you’ll be able to run it all by yourself. In fact, we’ll work hand in hand until we reach that level of ability and comfort.

If you prefer not to “drive the bus”, I’ll be happy to remain involved in the implementation and on-going management of your marketing system, and will provide regular, comprehensive progress reports to you and your team. Some business owners prefer to do this so they can focus on the other critical business tasks. No matter which way we go, for once, you’ll truly have a choice.

I’ll teach you and your staff how to create new marketing pieces and programs that are targeted to your ideal clients so that you can take off on your own if you wish. In the case on Internet strategies, these new campaigns will often cost you nothing, aside from a little thought and time to set them up – but…you’ll actually be able to do it yourself.

When your marketing system is in place, you’ll have total control of your marketing programs. Your marketing will be hard at work for your business, whether you’re at the office, bent over a birdie putt, or floating a dry fly on a quiet stream.

What’s the most important thing I’ll do for you?
I’ll leave you with tools and strategies to achieve and maintain complete control of the future of your business, at least of the things you can control. You’ll know exactly how to describe your ideal client. You’ll know exactly how to target them and avoid paying for ads that can’t possibly reach your ideal prospects.

You’ll know which numbers to watch this month and how they will accurately predict success 3 to 6 months from now. You’ll know that the inefficiency of your business has been wrung out and washed down the drain.

You’ll know, perhaps for the first time, that there is a roadmap or recipe to follow to get your business running like a well-oiled machine, and you’ll have the tools and strategies to follow it.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, the next step is to contact me.