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Do your customers send email hugs?


Do you encourage customers to contact you with praise, ideas and feedback about how you can improve what you do for them?

It’s often one of your best sources of ideas – or seeds for ideas they haven’t yet dreamed of.

Last week, we talked about how to transform your emails into personalized hugs for your customers. But don’t you need a hug now and then? Or at least…a simple “Hello, hey wouldn’t it be nice if this product did this ….”

How many times would you call the phone number of a business if, right under their phone number (on their website and their business cards) it said “Phone calls will not be answered or returned”?

Likewise, how many emails would you send if under someone’s email address, their business card said “Emails will not be read or replied to.”

That feeling you have? That’s what a contact page like the one in this screenshot says to your most valuable customer (ie: every one of them). Do you have the impression that your suggestion/feedback will be read promptly and given due consideration?

Probably not.

Take a look at your website’s feedback/contact us pages. When your customers read those pages, are they feeling the love?

Are they encouraged by what they see? Do they expect that the right person will not only see their message, but act on it?