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How to make a guarantee say “Buy me NOW”

Several months ago, we talked about businesses that could study the chaos going on at the airport – specifically in the security line – and create a business in short order.

Of course, you could also reinvent your business by doing what Targus and other laptop case manufacturers are doing: Making a security-compatible laptop case to cure one of the most annoying parts of passing through TSA security checkpoints.

Yep, taking the laptop out of your computer bag. I’m not sure which is more annoying that, or taking off shoes. You tell me.

As the NY Times article referenced above notes, one of the risks that the bag makers face is that some yahoo decides that they don’t care if the bag is implicitly TSA-approved, all laptops must come out of their bags.

Anyone who has seen what happens at a checkpoint when a traveler tosses the TSA’s rules back at them knows that its a great way to miss a flight, much less win a free body cavity check.

So what does the bag manufacturer do to combat this obvious sales objection?

If they’re smart – they’ll include a Buy Me Now feature in their warranty.

For example: “If the TSA forces you to remove the computer from our bag, even after opening it on the xray machine belt, we’ll buy back the bag, no questions asked.”

It’s risk reversal 101. Remove all risk and the client is more likely to buy.

Quite often, once they buy, they’ll have no regrets. Getting them past that point with a great guarantee is your job.

Craft a great guarantee. One that says Buy Me Now, not one that says “weasel clauses ahead”.

Many would be tempted to worry about the refund rate. I suggest that you test it at first. My experience has shown that you’ll find that refunds may climb a little.

However, the volume of increased sales that result because of your “Buy Me Now” guarantee will more than make up for the increased refunds.