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Matt wasn’t writing about starting a bank.

Beware of the Cow
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Earlier this week, Matt Mullenweg (whose software runs this blog) wrote a post about starting a bank.

BUT…it really wasn’t about starting a bank. Not if you look under the covers just a bit.

It was really about how to look at your market and stand out because you don’t do all of the stupid, annoying things that everyone else in your market thinks is OK.

And it was really about standing out in your market because you do all the things that other people are afraid to do, too lazy to do, too stupid to do (and so on).

You know, because it’s always been done that other way. The same way everyone else does it. Cuz that’s just how our industry does it.

Read the first 10-15 comments on that post. Look how many people resonate the thoughts about banks that do this and that and so on. EVERYONE knows those things. Matt didn’t invent them. He *did* have the nerve to suggest the he would do things differently.

What are you willing to do differently? Start by sacrificing your industry’s sacred cow.

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In fact it was about starting a bank but I know what you mean. Very often those who come late to the market can benefit from the mistakes of the incumbents.

You would only have to look at the way Google changed everything when they arrived.

Companies with a legacy of tradition find it hard to change. Newcomers can start fresh

Good article.

All the Best Dave

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