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How’s that 2010 working for ya so far?

Did January sneak up and run out the door on you?

2010 is 1/12th GONE.

So, with a 1/12 of your year gone, how’s your 2010 going?

If you got a slow start, maybe a simple exercise will get you back on track.

Simple doesn’t mean ineffective, simple means uncluttered. Down to the bare metal, if you wish.

The goal is not to make this the best planning session ever, it’s to get you back on track and moving toward the right goal so that your next planning session has you standing there with a success in your holster, fired up to kick some butt.

In other words, we’re making accomplishment and planning into a habit, and we’re doing it by starting simple.

It’s a process

Put a one hour appointment/meeting on your calendar. I don’t care when you do it, but it needs to be a part of the day when you are good at focusing on your big thing.

If you work in an office, make sure you have this meeting elsewhere. Maybe try a new coffee shop where there’s no chance anyone you know will walk up and want to discuss the Super Bowl, Signing Day, General Hospital, the weather or heaven forbid – Farmville.

The goal is to get as close to zero distractions as is possible.

Ready to start?

Turn off your cell phone. Yes, I said *turn it off*. I know you’re irreplaceable and all that, but trust them to be able to stay reasonably sane if they can’t reach you immediately for just one hour.

Close any other distracting programs you have on your computer – including but not limited to: your email program, your web browser, your Twitter client, your Facebook page (yes, even *Farmville*), and your instant messenger client software.

Brain Dump

Write down the 10 most important things your business needs to accomplish over the next two years. One year isn’t usually enough time, or you just aren’t thinking big enough or far enough out.

Make absolutely sure those 10 things are seriously part of achieving the big picture vision you have for your business â?? whatever that might be.

Now the hard part. Pick the item that is *the most important* thing to accomplish.

What moves your business more strongly toward accomplishing your mission than *anything* else on that list?

That’s the thing.

Write down every task that has to be completed to make it happen. If you have to, put on your Covey hat and “Begin with the End in mind”, working backwards from “I’ve done it!” to today.

Now…Get to work, one bite at a time, just like that Scout I talked about a couple of days ago.

Once that’s done, repeat the process.

PS: Revisit this planning process monthly to make sure you’re staying on track.

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