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HP’s board and CEO just don’t get it

It would be hard not to know about the troubles at Hewlett-Packard (HP) these days.

If you’ve not seen it, you can see the result here (opens in a new window):

HP C-level executives…board members, ie: corporate officers, invaded (and/or had others do so) the privacy of employees, reporters and others by digging into their home phone records and more.

You had to expect there to be some fallout and eventually, someone would resign and make kissy face and everything would be fine. Well, that’s exactly what has happened.

Dunn resigns her board chair, but amazingly (ok, given today’s ethical standards, not really surprising) she STAYS ON THE BOARD. Excuse me, but if you have a conniving weasel for a board chair, and you are (presumably) asking for her resignation because of her actions, why in the world is it ok to leave that kind of person on the board???


Later, the guy who was accused of making the leaks also left the board.

Don’t get me wrong, leaks like this need to be stopped – with a termination – and in my mind, that includes the same kinds of leaks in Washington. But to as much as say to your employees and management (much less vendors, the press and anyone else) that their privacy is of no concern to HP senior management by keeping Dunn on the board is just astounding.

Thorns to HP for keeping her and another thorn for allowing her to resign. Let her save face somewhere else. Hurd, you should have had the cojones to fire her. I know, I know, you’re scared of a wrongful termination lawsuit. I thought you got to the CEO position by having a backbone, but I guess I was wrong.