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Think you’re too busy? Here’s how to get 6 extra WEEKS this year

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sarah606

If I only had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “I wish I could clone myself” (or every time they wrote it).

Maybe even a dime:)

It’s a pretty common thing for people to say. There are over 2200 google hits on that exact quote (ie: search google with ” on each end of the sentence).

Everyone is busy, but are they getting anything done? Probably lots of stuff. Stuff that lands in front of them like a TV commercial. “Oh, I’ll just deal with this because it’s in front of me”.

That sort of thing.

But what exactly are they getting done?

Maybe a more accurate question is “Are they getting anything done that actually moves them toward the goals of the business?”

“Anything” is probably a bad choice of words. How about “lots of things” or “as much as you expected”?

We could talk about distractions all day – but wouldn’t that be a distraction? 🙂

The point about today is cloning.

What work are you doing?

Think about what you did today or yesterday, or some randomly selected “average day”.

How much of that pushed you and made you think?

How much of it was something you considered real work, ie: stuff that required to you focus and that was something hard?

How much of it require your strongest capabilities as a business person – those things that you wouldn’t DARE let anyone else do?

Was that half of your day? One third of your day? Or maybe 20 minutes of your day?

I’ll cut you some slack and assume it was half of your day. I think the number is far smaller, but we can argue about that later.

If you worked for 8 hours on this so-called average day, then you spent 4 hours of that day doing stuff that presumably could be done by an administrative assistant, a freelance local web person, the local print shop, or an independent accountant.

Paying the bill

Yes, these outside vendors cost money. So let’s find a way to pay for it.

If you could increase (say by 50%) the amount of the work that you get done, would you make any more money? In the case of your average day, I’m talking about 2 hours.

Specifically, if you could get 50% more of that “real work, requires absolute focus, needs your strongest capabilities, really makes you think” kind of work, wouldn’t your business be doing a LOT better?

We’ll assume you get 50% more because nothing is perfect and even 50% is such a big number that you might even do better once you get a taste of it:)

Doing the math to find money

Using your average day, you just got an extra 2 hours of serious work per day.

Multiply that times 3 days a week. I picked 3 days because I’m assuming you’ll get this right perhaps 60% of the time.

Now multiple that times 40 weeks per year. I picked 40 weeks, figuring that you’ll not do this for 12 weeks per year given travel, vacations, sick time, conventions, chamber of commerce events, trade shows and other distractions that you’ll manage to come up with.

So, how much time did you just find?

Two times 3 times forty is 240. Two hundred and forty hours. 6 work weeks. A month and a half. 30 full days of work.

How much is that worth to your bottom line?

If you have employees, many of them fall into the same trap. What’s that worth?

Yes, it’ll cost something to outsource that other work or hire someone as an employee to do it – but look at the cost of NOT doing so.

Don’t assume that I’m suggesting that you outsource this work to someone in East Bananastan and pay them $0.12 an hour. This will pay off in spades even if you pay a local $50-75 an hour to get the right work done.

Will it make you more competitive? Will it improve the quality of the really important work your business does?

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