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If You Cant Guarantee It, Why Do You Sell It? (part 1)

Skullcandy Smokin' BudsMy youngest son skis at Whitefish Mountain Resort (what used to be known as Big Mountain) and whether you ski or ‘board (that’s snowboard to the rest of you), you just gotta have headphones cranked with your favorite tunes while slashing up gnarly ‘pow (ie: skiing in fresh, deep powder).

Ok, I’m back to normal now (no more teen skier movie lingo).

Anyhow, Junior wanted some headphones for Christmas for when he goes skiing, because regular iPod type buds are seriously uncomfortable under a ski helmet. So he went looking around and found some good quality ones with multiple size ear doohickeys from Skullcandy. The outer soft rubbery type surrounds are similar to the different size earpieces available for bluetooth phone sets.

Skullcandy is in Park City, UT (home of the last US-based Winter Olympics), so it’s obvious that designing stuff that could be worn under a ski/board helmet is natural to them.

The Smokin’ Buds headphones are definitely good quality stuff that sound great. The packaging is cool and wisely designed (ie: survivable in a teenager’s pocket), but what really struck me about the arrival of the Skullcandy package was the warranty page included in the box. It said this:

Congratz and thank you for your purchase of a Skullcandy product! You obviously have great taste and we’re stoked to be able to satiate your jones’n for cutting edge music paraphernalia.

Not to get all lovey-dovey on you, but you ought to know that we’re in this relationship for the long haul. We here at Skullcandy make it our mission to continually provide unique, top quality products that rock just as hard as your do. And, as a result, we’re all about standing behind our stuff. We want you runnin’ our gear for life.

WARRANTY: In fact, Skullcandy is proud to provide the best product warranty in the industry. Here’s how we see it:

If this product should fail in your lifetime (note: my son is 15), we will replace it at NO charge.

If this product is damaged by aggressive music listening activities, such as stage divers landing on your turntable, your turntable being turned over by the moshers, sliding a rail, sliding down the emergency ramp of your aircraft, slammed in your locker, slammed in your car door, run over by a car, running into a wall, getting run out of town, mountain biking, road biking, sky diving, beating your boyfriend unmercifully, getting beat down by the man, blown up in an accidental experimentation with flammable substances, or damaged in any other everyday experience, it means you are living your life the way we want our product used! In these, or any other damaging events, we will replace the product for a 50% discount from retail.

Jump online ( and submit your warranty info. Need help? Call us. 435.940.1545 Ext. 203.

Much Love,

The Skullcandy Team
support at

Folks, THIS is a guarantee. Not one of those weak, wimpy things with 3 pages of fine print exceptions and exclusions written by a Mercedes SUV stuffed full of high priced attorneys. Those aren’t guarantees, they’re just excuses written in guarantee form so you’ll think you got a guarantee. A guarantee is there to put the customer at ease, reducing (or preferably) eliminating the risk of making the purchase.

PS: While digging around on the Skullcandy blog, I found a photo of Devo’s lead man wearing his Skullcandy headphones. Lots of things about Nickelodeon’s cool theme music make sense now. I’d seen the name a zillion times on Nick and never put 2 and 2 together.

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If you expect any kind of customer service, you may want to shop elsewhere. They are currently not answering email or the phone…

Not sure what the problem is.

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