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If your business disappeared, would anyone notice?

Pleck Road Transformation

photo credit: Lee Jordan

On last Friday’s radio show, I asked my listeners the rhetorical question: “If your business disappeared, would anyone notice?”

Perhaps a more realistic question: If a “Closed” sign was in the window tomorrow, without warning…would anyone really care?

Or would they simply drive down the street to the next business that does what you do, and go on with their lives?

The ideal answer is that there would be rioting in the streets, but let’s be realistic:)

Would they notice? If they noticed, would they care?

If you can’t answer ‘Yes!’, what do you think makes them stop at your business now, instead of driving a little bit further to someone else’s place?

If the road in front of your business is torn up for the next 3 months due to state road work, would people be determined enough to do business with you that they would deal with the detours and hassles of driving in a construction zone?

This sort of thing happens to restaurants, retail and service businesses all the time. Many close because they aren’t doing enough to make their business a habit for their clients. Or they aren’t being imaginative enough to find a way to deal with the construction.

If the state started working on the road in front of your building and continued to do so for 3 months – what would you do to get prospects to deal with the construction hassles and dust, solely to do business with you?