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You have 2 choices: Listen or Die

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Anyone who has listed items on eBay on a regular basis won’t find today’s guest post from Henry Blodget the least bit surprising. 

For years, eBay Power Sellers have been complaining about the company’s sales-unfriendly tactics and persistence in ignoring their feedback. 

The stories in the comments section of today’s guest post are not unusual.

This is what happens when you forget who the customer is, why they matter, ignore their feedback and treat them like an easily replaceable commodity.

One reply on “You have 2 choices: Listen or Die”

It is true, customer focus is key. So many companies act like customers are just there to provide the company income. You have to instead view your job as providing customers a great value and service. Amazon does this very well. It is one reason I continue to think their auction model still has potential. They have not been very successful yet but as long as they keep trying over the long term I think they can be – and eBay is making it much easier for them to succeed.

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