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I’ll have a soft taco phone, please

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Sunfox

Over the last year or so, signs have popped up all over the place in businesses (even in drive-up windows) asking that customers finish cell phone conversations before doing business or stepping up to the counter.

Some are worded better than others, but this one spied last week in Taco Del Sol in Missoula was well-written, even if it might have been dripping in sarcasm.

We know your call is really important to you so we’re happy to wait and take your order once you’re done with your conversation.

Beats the heck out of “NO PHONE CALLS IN LINE” or similar signs that I’ve seen around town. Maybe adding a thought about “…so we’re sure to get your order just the way you want it” could be added?

The unfortunate thing is that the sign was handwritten on a torn off flap from a cardboard box.

One reply on “I’ll have a soft taco phone, please”

She gets and “A” for effort. So sad that as a society we have to be told how to behave 🙁

Great post (as usual!). Miss chatting with you!


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