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I’m no Gary Bencivenga

(171/365) Giraffe in a strawberry
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Please, don’t ever do this:

“*business name* is a boutique digital strategy group focused on immersive branded entertainment encounters and custom cross-media content that extends the brand experience through multiple, lifestyle-centric touchpoints.”

This was the welcome paragraph on a website I stumbled across.

Maybe these people are wildly successful, have a great deal of fun, absolutely love their clients and the work they do for them, live in a lovely paid-off remote, mountainside chalet overlooking the beach and spend their spare time flying the Gulfstream to their second home in Tahiti where the second coming of Greta Garbo peels grapes for the men while the second coming of Clark Gable and Cary Grant serve the martinis for the ladies before rubbing them down with freshly-made coconut oil, but…


I mean, I’m no Gary Bencivenga but (again) wow.

Sorry. Just amazed. Three guesses why.