Competition Good Examples Strategy

Is your company ready for you to hit the road?

A friend and former business partner of mine passed on last Friday. 45 years old. Too young. As I spoke to her brother earlier this week, I thought back to better times. Her, her brothers, myself and our staff at Charley’s in Tampa after a successful trade show. Good folks, good wine, good food. RIP.

Despite all of this, notwithstanding the grief, her business…what used to be our business, chugs along like almost any other day today.

How could that possibly happen?

Systems. Documented procedures, step by step, click by click instructions for every process in the business, whether they involve a tape gun, box, CD, packing slip, trade show box, mailer, product shipment, service call, installation process, or whatever.

Everything the staff does, with few exceptions, was documented and placed in a printed procedures manual. Online versions were available (and built into our software) to make sure the most up to date version was available to everyone.

McDonald’s-like? You bet. All of this started with Michael Gerber’s E-Myth, which I read years ago after finding an employer was using the processes he described.

Read the E-Myth. Use it. If you have to choose only 1 thing that I suggest, choose this. It’ll pay for itself many times.