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Is your craft becoming a commodity?

We’ve talked about this before, but it merits another mention whether you are a programmer, web designer or woodworker.

Written by Christian Heilmann in *2009* and borrowed from a slide in Nathan Smith‘s presentation: “Sass and Compass, The Future of Stylesheets Now” (cool info, BTW), the graphic’s comment is about programming, but could be about any number of skills.

Is your craft changing? Is it already commoditized or moving that direction?

In the past, we’ve talked about your work being outsourced to other countries (some that are perhaps thought of as third world countries) and how the work you do cannot be as valuable as it once was if this is even possible.

It isn’t that the work is no longer valuable. It’s that the ability to produce that kind of work has become more common and the skill to do so is no longer a true rarity/specialty.

Is that the kind of work you’re doing/selling?

Is that the positioning you want in the future, much less now?

It’s no longer about the code. Hasn’t been for some time.