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Joel nails it: Why Circuit City really closed

Today’s guest post comes from Joel Spolsky by way of Inc. Magazine.

Joel’s closing comment about the death of Circuit City:

For a business owner, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching honest dealers expand their operations while the schmucks, with their going-out-of-business markups, go down the drain.

Man, that’s just perfect. Let ’em shrivel up and die, they definitely EARNED it.

Check out the rest of Joel’s post here.

I’ll admit it. I spent $20 at Circuit City about 15 years ago. But just once. Really.

My only excuse: I wouldn’t have to drive across town to Radio Shack (yes, I am ashamed).

Circuit City wasn’t even a fun place to browse if you’re a gear head (or a wannabe gear head). What’s THAT about?

As for B&H, it’s enough to say that all my camera gear comes from there. Ouch:)

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Yup. There’s a reason P.C. Richard has been around for 90+ years and Circuit City went belly up and that reason is Service (yes, with a capital S). I have never been disappointed with any of my dealings with P.C. Richard (and no I’m not a shill, just a satisfied customer).

I imagine Best Buy will be the next to go under. I accompanied a friend to one of their stores when he attempted to return a defective DVD player. They wouldn’t give him the time of day and told him to send it back to the manufacturer for repair. He asked to see the manager. The manager stormed up to him and yelled “Get the F*** out of my store!” and walked away.

Chris Wysockis last blog post..Obama Administration agrees with Sarah Palin on Polar Bears

Anyone who has ever shopped Circuit City is wondering why it took so long for them to go out of business, not that they closed up shop. If you liked poor selection and too slimy for used cars salesmen (“you’re going to want this $40000 extended warranty), Circuit City was your store.

I did shop there and the guys who can fix your computer were great! *( thanks Rancho Cucamonga Store) I am sorry to see it go. I think the model they were using was out dated. The store was NOT for gear heads, but for basic consumers. However, how could they compete with Sears, Walmart, Target and every other store that carried everything they had?

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