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Little Yellow Things

Where’s the milk?

So simple.

Yet in decades of visiting grocery stores, it’s the first time I’ve seen one of these.

A laminated yellow letter sized index to where things are, hanging at eye level at the end of each row at the back of the store.

Kudos to Food City management for paying attention to common sense, inexpensive, efficient, easy to use solutions to customer needs that everyone else has missed. Note: A card at both ends of the aisle would be even better.

During the summer, the area where this store is located becomes engorged with tourists and timeshare owners. Often, they are new to the area and shopping in this Food City for the very first time.

For a first time customer who wants to spend their time relaxing rather than taking an inordinate time to shop in an unfamiliar grocery store, they’re a blessing and a serious time and frustration saver.

Is there a yellow card that would help your customers?