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Leading your market: Not an opportunity you wait for.

Finding the opportunity to lead your market is something that some businesses wait for years to take advantage of…and then they pounce. Well, at least some do.

Hold on there, Trigger: Did I say “Wait for?”

Leading your market isn’t something you wait for, it’s something you must make happen through explicit, planned actions.

In what ways are you the leader in your market?

  • Do you offer the fastest or best service?
  • Do you offer the most value for the dollar?
  • Does your business have the most knowledgeable staff with the best, most up-to-date training?
  • Do you offer the highest quality products – and regularly discover and begin to offer better ones?
  • Do you offer the best selection of only high-quality products?

How do your clients know these things to be true? How do they learn to care about the difference?

Do you educate your clients so they will learn to appreciate the difference between so-so and outstanding?

Are you executing a well-planned effort to transform your clients into experts and connoisseurs of what you sell?

If not…Why not?