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When I grow up I want to be an old woman

That phrase isn’t only the name of a Michelle Shocked song, it’s the theme of a very good commercial.

Something got me on a meme of talking about marketing to women this week – including on today’s Hotseat Radio show, so I figure I may as well finish Friday that way.

Kaiser Permanente took Michelle’s song and created a wonderful piece of imagery around it – perhaps better than Michelle’s original video for the song.

The 1 minute video reminds me of my grandmothers, two amazing women that I miss very much. My paternal grandmother had breast cancer twice. Beat it both times. Strong woman. Never owned a car that had power brakes. Think about that for a minute:)

KP’s video takes a painful – or at least uncomfortable – experience (mammograms are not typically pain-free, even though they aren’t invasive) and turns it into something totally different.

Not just health care.

Long-time readers are no doubt wondering where the measurement is. How do we know this is effective? Note the URL. Yeah, it’s too small, but it’s there.

If they are tracking the markets where this appears, are they also sending an email or postcard to their patients to reference the commercial, perhaps point them at YouTube and get them in for a mammogram?

Hard to say, but that’s what should be happening.

The main reason I wanted you to see this was so you could absorb and ponder how they took a cold, sometimes painful (or at least uncomfortable), sterile procedure and turned a discussion about it into a warm, kinda-wow experience.

And how you can do the same if you have something of that nature that you sell – particularly if it is as important as a mammogram.



11 replies on “When I grow up I want to be an old woman”

I had never heard this song before and it had such an impact on me. It really helped me understand what I was thinking but didnt now how to articulate. Thanks, Ms. Shocked and Kaiser.

Let’s hear it for the old broads!!! This is so true of the spirit of my mom, aunts and their friends. Love them, love this and hope they keep their “pioneer” spirit going forever.

This is my Life song, I want to download it as my ringtone, anybody know how I can do this….

I was overdue for a mammogram and went in for one after seeing the commercial. I guess that’s the point. Love the cheerleader best – she really has some moves. Dianne

I so hate that Kaiser old-woman ad that as soon as I hear the music I switch channels. It’s an embarrassment. Who do they think they are typing women like that. I don’t see myself as “old”….just a woman! Neither I nor anyone I know acts/looks like any of those babas. (We’re engaged in our communities, super-active educated knockouts, if I say so myself!–and don’t spend any time thinking about who he want to “be” someday.)

I agree with one person who finds this disturbing. Guess there are few of us who hate it, but I am one of them..Funny how the men seem to love it. Of course, they don’t like old women, but they love to laugh at us and think they are so great and untouchable. I am a member of Kaiser and hope this ad gets pulled. Doubt it.

One of the best commercials out there. No matter what you think of it, we will all get there someday.

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